Middle Class Rut Website


Middle Class Rut

Last month we launched a new website for the alternative rock band Middle Class Rut.  

Our friends at Relentless Artist Management asked us for help when it came time to put together a modern, useful Content Management System based web site so that they can easily manage their band’s web presence in an efficient way.

The site is based on art from their latest album.

If you’re into bizarre music videos then check out their latest called “Aunt Betty”, its a doozy.

About Joe Schwab

Joe’s early passion for art and music led him to study fine art at the Laguna College of Art & Design. With this background in art and design, he pursued work as a graphic designer. While working with website hosting companies and marketing firms in southern california, he gained invaluable technical knowledge and experience that would shape his career. Working within the challenging limitations of the early days of the web, Joe leveraged his problem solving skills to become the rare web developer who could bridge the gap between the disciplines of design and programming.