DIY guitar amp footswitch for Epiphone Triggerman 60 (2 button)

I few months ago, I had been eying  a used Epiphone Triggerman 60 Guitar Amp at Morelock Music in downtown Knoxville. I had decided I had to get it, and had started planning to go pick it up. But before I could, my lovely and thoughtful girlfriend surprised me by bringing it home as a gift. You can't beat that! Unfortunately the original footswitch was not included with the amp. I had been searching the web for a replacement but I couldn't find much information about the amp's footswitch itself. I have very little experience with electronics, but the concept seemed simple enough, so I … [Read more...]

Middle Class Rut Website

Last month we launched a new website for the alternative rock band Middle Class Rut.   Our friends at Relentless Artist Management asked us for help when it came time to put together a modern, useful Content Management System based web site so that they can easily manage their band's web presence in an efficient way. The site is based on art from their latest album. If you're into bizarre music videos then check out their latest called "Aunt Betty", its a doozy. … [Read more...]

Holiday Playlist – A hipster holiday alternative

In case you are just plain tired of the barrage of traditional holiday music that is played everywhere this time of year, I thought it would be great to have a playlist of holiday music that doesn't suck. This list is a sampling of interesting covers of holiday classics, and some are just great songs with holiday or just winter themes by great punk, indie, alternative or just plain rock bands. … [Read more...]