DIY guitar amp footswitch for Epiphone Triggerman 60 (2 button)

I few months ago, I had been eying  a used Epiphone Triggerman 60 Guitar Amp at Morelock Music in downtown Knoxville. I had decided I had to get it, and had started planning to go pick it up. But before I could, my lovely and thoughtful girlfriend surprised me by bringing it home as a gift. You can't beat that! Unfortunately the original footswitch was not included with the amp. I had been searching the web for a replacement but I couldn't find much information about the amp's footswitch itself. I have very little experience with electronics, but the concept seemed simple enough, so I … [Read more...]

I like shiny, blinky things… in the dark!

Anyone who knows me well also knows that I am a huge fan of lights that react to music. First popularized in the 1970's they are better known as "light organs" or "color organs". I have, with the help of my good friend Brian, actually built a set of these lights called the Rainbow Machine. I have also done a great deal of live video projection/video mixing using an old Sony FX-E100 video mixer, DVD players, VHS players and live cameras all mixed together into one psychedelic projection. Which brings me to something I discovered on Google+ last night: a 3-sided movie screen that physically … [Read more...]