4 Content Marketing Tips To Help Create Branded Content

Part 2 – 4 Content Marketing Tips In the first part of this two-part article, we outlined why content marketing on the Internet and beyond is so important for small to mid-sized companies. In the early 21st Century, if you are not defining your business by providing engaging, educational content to your potential clients and customers, you quickly will fall behind your competition. Content marketing is about so much more than just selling your products or services. The goal is to create branded content that your customers and clients recognize as being associated with your business. This … [Read more...]

4 Content Marketing Tips For Small To Mid-Sized Companies

Part 1 – Why Content Marketing Tips? What content marketing tips will work for your company? What exactly does content marketing mean to a small to mid-sized business? Content marketing is information about the services and the products that a company offers to its clients and customers. Social media, like Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn, is important for content marketing, but has nothing very little to do with the actual content itself. Rather, social media is a channel for content marketing like a network is a channel for a television show. The channel does not define the television show; … [Read more...]

An Advocate For Your Business On The Web

Why does your company need an advocate for your business Internet? Isn’t it enough just to have a good-looking website? Given the vast amount of material on the web and the average person’s lack of focus and short attention span, your website needs a lot more than looks to be an effective marketing tool. The content marketing experts at Open Interactive have the experience you need to access the results you desire and your company deserves. Content Marketing As An Advocate For Your Business At Open Interactive, our team are specialists at helping a client figure out what they need and what … [Read more...]

Earned Media, The Ongoing Challenge Of Value Creation, And The Future Of Internet Marketing

As earned media takes center stage in the arena of Internet marketing, the relationship between search engine rankings and quality content has changed for good. Earned media happens when quality content leads to brand recognition, thus generating a client following through the creation of recognized value. In contrast to a paid advertisement, earned media is the direct result of this value creation that helps to generate loyalty and higher conversion rates. Earned Media As The New Content Marketing In an article about the rise of earned media in Marketing Land, Jim Yu, the founder and CEO … [Read more...]

Everything is Marketing, Everything…

The mantra for 2012? Back to basics, do the fundamentals and do them exceedingly well in order to succeed. If I may make the following suggestions: NO email should EVER go out without a short, to the point Subject line. Having no subject line is a way to get your email ignored/forgotten about/hard to find/marked as spam. You should improve your Reply To email identity by adding "- Your-Domain-Name.com" to the Your Name field in your email settings. This will give people a visual indicator of where you are from if for a minute they don't recognize the name. It will end up reading "Business … [Read more...]

To Succeed: Become a Curator of Important Information to your Industry…

We are drowning in a tidal wave of data. The businesses that are REALLY making money off the Interweb are the ones (read Google) that provide relevance: they help you get to the truly useful information. Here are two gentlemen that know a thing or two about the web. They are making a huge, expensive bet that people need help sifting through all the noise. You can benefit from doing this for your site visitors yourself: become the place they visit and link back to by sharing truly useful bits of information with them via your site or monthly email digest. It can't always be about sales, you … [Read more...]