4 Content Marketing Tips For Small To Mid-Sized Companies

Part 1 – Why Content Marketing Tips? What content marketing tips will work for your company? What exactly does content marketing mean to a small to mid-sized business? Content marketing is information about the services and the products that a company offers to its clients and customers. Social media, like Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn, is important for content marketing, but has nothing very little to do with the actual content itself. Rather, social media is a channel for content marketing like a network is a channel for a television show. The channel does not define the television show; … [Read more...]

Google+ Has a New Interface…

Wow, is all I have to say... you turn around and things have changed again! Improved even. People who write off Google+ still seem to be using it on a daily basis, (see Michael Gray on that one). New Tool Bar to the left: to me this is much more useful and logical than Facebook has ever been. Much of Facebook is still inscrutable. Quick sort your stream using Circle buttons at the top: I find this one instantly appealing and a big improvement over the disorganized stream on Facebook. Hangouts now prominently displayed on the right: I'm excited to try these, actually, for company meetings … [Read more...]

Google’s +1: their version of a Facebook Like

One thing about the web: no good idea goes un-copied. At least not for long. No sooner did the major search engines admit that they were including "social signals" in their ranking algorithm then did Google announce their own social signaling device the +1 button. In order to see it you have to be logged into Google and doing a search. Next to the search results you will see a small +1 button in a grayed out state. It appears between the keyword line of the search results and the little magnifying glass icon to preview the page, an idea the copied from Bing. You can rest assured that if … [Read more...]

Surprising Facts about Kids and Media

Technology focussed public health research group, ISK, put together this list of old wives tales about how kids use the internet, mobile phones and media in general. This article cites research based evidence dispelling some popular misconseptions and claims by news media. Think teens are as connected to the Internet on their phones as adults? Not really. 79% of teens do not go online with their cell phones. Instead, they use their phones to make calls and text. Checking email, shopping, and surfing the Web are not top on their list. What's more dangerous? Social Networking Sites or Instant … [Read more...]