Even though I had known Sean personally for years, I had consulted with another media firm that was local here in The Woodlands, TX. Sean had told me that we needed to build the website up in a way that I thought would take too long, the other media firm gave me a big pitch on the flaws with the website that Sean had put up for me. They told me that their copywriters would write content based on the pertinent search terms. They didn’t agree with the content I had personally written. They encouraged me to use stock photos and not the actual pictures of my work. They said they would use some company in India to build links that would increase my rankings more quickly.

After meeting with them, I called Sean. Sean set me straight. He made me realize that there is no quick and easy shortcut to building a great website that maintains high google rankings. As I looked at websites that the other company had built, I noticed that they all looked very generic. The content on their websites gave no information on what set their clients apart from any of their competition.

Within 3 months, I started getting calls off of my website. After doing the homework Sean gave me, our rankings increased in our target areas and I now have the number one spot for bathroom remodeling in The Woodlands. My customers always tell me that they decided to use my services because my website was very informative unlike other contractors in the area. They like the fact that I have actual pictures of my work that shows a style that is all my own. As I think about how my business has been so successful in our first year, I know that I owe much of my success to Sean.

He has given me advice on many aspects of my business that you can’t put a dollar amount on. He helped me find my target market and helped me with an internet identity that is the perfect representation of out services. I highly recommend using Open Interactive. If you don’t believe me, look at our website and the work we’ve done. 90% of those jobs came from our website and the work Sean did. Thanks Sean!

– Alan Coy
Alan Stone Tile & Stone

Like many small business owners, I often get caught up in the day to day details, and lose focus of the bigger picture (i.e. marketing) and the best ways to reach new clients.

Fortunately for me, Sean Sloan has been solely responsible for my business website for more than ten years now. Sean has kept me abreast of important developments in the industry – which is not something I have the time or desire to do myself. The changes and upgrades that we periodically implement have ALWAYS YIELDED RESULTS!

A recurring theme for us lately has been some VERY QUALIFIED CUSTOMERS who contact me, right after visiting the website. They tend to have fewer questions, and simply want to schedule an estimate at their home (or business). At the same time, I am receiving fewer and fewer calls from people requesting something that is not the focus of my business – which happens to be stone & tile restoration.

Thank you Sean, for these many years of business and friendship. Cheers to the many more years to come!

– Doug Neighbors

Thanks so much for all your help, guidance and last minute turns on these over the past year!
You’ve saved us many a times.

– Katie Neal
Coordinator, Marketing & Communications
TWC Sports Regional Networks

I had a website for years before I had Sean Sloan help me to upgrade the website. His suggestions on adding content greatly increased the response I received from the website. After the formation of Open Interactive, the well-thought additions to the content of my website have further increased the number of patients that I have received from the website. I even get inquiries from the east coast about TMJ problems.

Open Interactive helps me to keep adding meaningful clips to the content of my website. The patients that we get from the website respond to the content of the website, not the glitz. They are of above average intelligence and they already know me via the website.

I recommend Open Interactive without reservation.

– Mark Z. Yamamoto, DDS, MAGD

“We have the best site in our industry. Thanks for making it happen.”

– Amanda B. – Major Drug & Alcohol Rehabilitation Center