Content Marketing & Online Publicity

Content marketing is the cornerstone of all web marketing: it is the “there”, there, that brings in web searchers who have the intent to know more about the topic and make informed buying decisions.

Even Pay Per Click (AdWords) campaigns need highly relevant landing pages in order to maximize your Quality Score and lower the Cost Per Click.

We can help with creating a longterm editorial calendar to help business map out their future success by driving traffic to new, highly relevant and focused pages in their sites that convert searchers into new business.

All content marketing programs include a social media distribution campaign to increase their reach.

To find out more call us at 949-722-6119 or fill out our Request for Proposal form.

After the intake meeting in which we establish the Editorial Calendar for your business here’s what you’ll get each month:

  • Keyword research: keywords that reflect product or service interest and buying intent
  • Topical research: helping searchers understand your relevant offer and why you are the proper purchase choice
  • A 500 – 600 word page (not a post, an important distinction) written, edited and submitted for review and approval
  • One rights-managed relevant photo that is captioned and given a relevant ALT tag
  • On approval the page is posted to your site in its proper new home inside your site’s architecture and Search Engine Optimized
  • The completed page is then pushed out to your Social Media accounts* with a thumbnail and custom blurb announcing its existence

*If you don’t currently have any social media accounts we can help you set those up! Send us a request for proposal.