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Partner / Director of Online Marketing

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Sean Sloan

As CEO of Orange County-based design and marketing firm Open Interactive, Inc. Sean brings his passion for technology, video and creative solutions to his work helping businesses of all sizes increase their online visibility, brand strength and sales conversions.

Sean’s experience with advertising and marketing began early, designing and producing printed materials for his father’s office supply company, South Coast Stationers. Sean was instrumental in bringing the company into the modern computer age and extending the company’s offerings by bringing newspaper-style advertising circulars to office supply dealerships across the country.

Sean’s work as film production Art Director with legendary film producer Roger Corman at Concord-New Horizon Pictures brought such classics as “Humanoids from the Deep” and “Starquest II” to life.

Sean uses his expertise in online marketing and search engine optimization to help businesses increase website traffic, conversions, sales, and manage their online presence. Open Interactive has a proven track record developing company brands, online marketing strategies, and conversion optimization for increased sales.

Toll Free: 877-739-2820 x802

Direct: 949-722-6119
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Sean’s Blog Posts:

Earned Media, The Ongoing Challenge Of Value Creation, And The Future Of Internet Marketing

As earned media takes center stage in the arena of Internet marketing, the relationship between search engine rankings and quality content has changed for good. Earned media happens when quality content leads to brand recognition, thus generating a client following through the creation of recognized value. In contrast to a paid advertisement, earned media is the direct result of this value creation that helps to generate loyalty and higher conversion rates. Earned Media As The New Content Marketing In an article about the rise of earned media in Marketing Land, Jim Yu, the founder and CEO … [Read more...]

Sean Sloan: contributing author to a book!

I am proud to say that I am a newly minted contributing author to a book called "Rising to the Next Level: 21 small business leaders share proven strategies and tactics". It's been a long labor of love by a fellow Orange County business owner, Phil Calhoun of Beta Benefits. Phil has been a very active businessman for many, many years in Orange County and an active member of the Santa Ana Chamber of Commerce so it was a true honor when he told me about this project he was putting together and what he hoped to accomplish with it. Phil has gathered quite a Rolodex (you younger people can … [Read more...]

Free Online Photo Editing Site

Thanks to Jon Garnier for sharing this new, free online photo editing tool, it works pretty darn well. It is Flash-based so it won't work on an iPad or an iPhone I don't believe but it would be great for desktops, laptops or Android-based phones and tablets. Take a few minutes, have some fun and don't forget the filters they have as well. Be careful when you download, be sure to not compress the file too much! … [Read more...]

Career Day at Douglas MacArthur Middle School

Today is the second time I have participated in Career Day for the Santa Ana Unified School District. Last time it was a Villa Fundamental Middle School and this time it was at Douglas MacArthur Middle School. The first time I showed kids how they could code a super-basic web page using nothing more than a text editor for coding and a browser for checking their work. This time what I did was more adventurous: I installed Wordpress Multisite site and created 40 individual so that 4 classes with an average of 35+ students could log in, write a blog, add images and learn how to link to a web … [Read more...]

Happy Holidays 2012

We just wanted to take a quick second to give people some context for who Krampus is. We are from German, Hungarian, French, Irish, English backgrounds and we all fear Krampus. Krampus is a beast-like creature from the folklore of Alpine countries thought to punish bad children during the Yule season, in contrast with Saint Nicholas, who rewards nice ones with gifts. Krampus is said to capture particularly naughty children in his sack and carry them away to his lair. Krampus is represented as a beast-like creature, generally demonic in appearance. The creature has roots in Germanic folklore. … [Read more...]

Develop in haste, repent at leisure…

Whoa, that has to be the single most concise, accurate statement regarding software AND web site development I have heard in a long time. Rushing is when mistakes are made, when mission critical technological details are overlooked. Now I understand the need for deadlines but often they are subjective in nature and don't reflect any true urgency. This should be one of the first determinations a company makes: when do we need the site live? Is it a looming trade show or product launch? Has collateral advertising material already been printed with hard dates on it? Develop in haste, repent at … [Read more...]

I like shiny, blinky things… in the dark!

Anyone who knows me well also knows that I am a huge fan of lights that react to music. First popularized in the 1970's they are better known as "light organs" or "color organs". I have, with the help of my good friend Brian, actually built a set of these lights called the Rainbow Machine. I have also done a great deal of live video projection/video mixing using an old Sony FX-E100 video mixer, DVD players, VHS players and live cameras all mixed together into one psychedelic projection. Which brings me to something I discovered on Google+ last night: a 3-sided movie screen that physically … [Read more...]

Small Business Video Production Packages

Video content is a great way to communicate your unique value to your prospective clients in a clear and concise way. Some people are more visually oriented and flat refuse to read written content no matter how well written. By showing you and your staff, real people, video helps you and your company make an all important human connection with prospective new clients. Also, some people learn visually making video a great teaching aide. The web is becoming more video-centric all the time. YouTube is the 2nd most popular search engine after Google. One of our clients has a world-wide audience … [Read more...]

Mobile Websites and Marketing: a quick look at the Mobile Ecosystem

The mobile web is the consumption of the Internet on a mobile device. It is a subset of mobile computing in general. Mobile websites are simplified version of the normal website designed to accommodate the needs of mobile device users who are hampered by smaller screens with lower resolution, a lack of a mouse and a reliance on touch screen navigation. Mobile Marketing is the effort to advertise to the users of mobile computing devices using a mixture of new and old technologies to engage them: mobile website, instream advertising while they consume media, text message marketing, QR codes, … [Read more...]

Google+ Has a New Interface…

Wow, is all I have to say... you turn around and things have changed again! Improved even. People who write off Google+ still seem to be using it on a daily basis, (see Michael Gray on that one). New Tool Bar to the left: to me this is much more useful and logical than Facebook has ever been. Much of Facebook is still inscrutable. Quick sort your stream using Circle buttons at the top: I find this one instantly appealing and a big improvement over the disorganized stream on Facebook. Hangouts now prominently displayed on the right: I'm excited to try these, actually, for company meetings … [Read more...]