Avoid The Either/Or Mistake: Content Marketing And Link Building Complimentary, Not Conflicting SEO Tools

Before we go into the details of avoiding the either/or mistake when it comes to content marketing and link building, let’s provide a couple of definitions. It’s important that everyone in need of this information knows what we’re talking about. After all, without orientation at the beginning, how can you be convinced by the end? What Is Link Building? First, link building is the process of acquiring links from external websites, social media users and other entities on the Internet in order to improve search engine rankings. The process of link building is to build a connected network for … [Read more...]

Beyond Tried And True Link Building And Even Guest Blogging, Branding Is The Key To SEO Success

Even though link building and guest blogging were once the definitions of SEO success, client branding very quickly has become the new prize on the shelf. Whenever a new site ranking strategy is embraced by SEO campaigns, Google is quick to react with a counterattack that undermines the effectiveness of such strategies.  After all, the essence of Google’s job is to maintain the integrity of the Internet by keeping search results as free from manipulation as possible. Google And The Integrity Of The Internet If Google sees an SEO professional strategy attempting to take advantage of the … [Read more...]

Wix Website Builder – Is It Worth It?

Last week a friend of mine was asking for advice about setting up a website for her son's budding clothing company.  More specifically, she asked about a company called Wix - a DIY website builder.  Wix offers many different website templates with the ability to drag and drop pieces into place without the need to know how to code.  Much of this can be done for free or very little initial expense to get your site built.  Sounds like a great deal, right? Naturally, I felt like doing a bit of research to see if Wix was a good solution for a small clothing company.  While I must say that Wix … [Read more...]

Google, Yahoo & Bing announce support for new markup SEOs should keep an eye on

Google, Bing and Yahoo have all announced support for Schema.org, a semantic markup protocol that could provide websites with valuable search exposure. Schema.org attempts to enhance the information transfer from website data to SERPs. All the current SEO standards will still be supported for a long time to come, but with potential for abuse not everyone is overly concerned. Still, the big 3 Search engines are on board, so it's definately something to keep an eye on. Mashable just posted a good writeup about this here. … [Read more...]

Critical Components of Website Success

Abraham Maslow theorized that people have an inherent hierarchy of needs which must be met to fully develop. Just like the hierarchy of people's needs, a website has basic and fundamental needs too. No, the image to the left is not the latest get-rich quick pyramid scheme. The pyramid to the left, shows the fundamental important needs at the base of the pyramid. Each higher tier represents needs that cannot be realized until all needs below are satisfied. Level 1: Content & Keywords Content is king. It is what people AND search engines are looking for in a website. By developing … [Read more...]

Your Most Important New Hire: Your Web Site

This is not a statement we make glibly: it can be backed up by data. Analytics Your web site can and should act as a sales person for your business 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for the foreseeable future. Monthly Performance Reviews are the standard for these new employees. Market Your Business with Every Addition We know Search Engine Optimization so you don't have to. Keeping up with the latest developments in online marketing is a time consuming job: our job. Let us do what we do best so that you can concentrate on running your business. We will make sure that every addition we make to … [Read more...]

Business Owners Should Re-Evaluate Phone Directory Advertising

I haven't opened a phone book in over ten years and I am not the only one. At one time for small businesses, if you weren't in the yellow pages, nobody knew you were in business, unless of course they walked by your office or storefront. For decades, business owners have spent a lot of money to be included in the phone directories as a main avenue of advertising their services. What used to be the bare minimum advertising effort for local businesses, is now in great decline. This is not breaking news to anyone who has been in business for the past decade. Sally Witzky at Traction Group … [Read more...]

Google’s +1: their version of a Facebook Like

One thing about the web: no good idea goes un-copied. At least not for long. No sooner did the major search engines admit that they were including "social signals" in their ranking algorithm then did Google announce their own social signaling device the +1 button. In order to see it you have to be logged into Google and doing a search. Next to the search results you will see a small +1 button in a grayed out state. It appears between the keyword line of the search results and the little magnifying glass icon to preview the page, an idea the copied from Bing. You can rest assured that if … [Read more...]

The Strange Case of the Parasitic Web Guy

The story you are about to read is true. Only the names have been changed to protect the innocent and not so innocent. A client of mine was approached by the former web developer & Search Engine Optimization guy of their main competitor. My client was very up front with me and told me that they wanted to hear what the guy had to say and that they would tell me what transpired. This person met, they talked and my client called me to give me the gist of things. Apparently he and his former boss had had a falling out and had since parted ways. He now promised to do what he had done for … [Read more...]