Wix Website Builder – Is It Worth It?

Last week a friend of mine was asking for advice about setting up a website for her son's budding clothing company.  More specifically, she asked about a company called Wix - a DIY website builder.  Wix offers many different website templates with the ability to drag and drop pieces into place without the need to know how to code.  Much of this can be done for free or very little initial expense to get your site built.  Sounds like a great deal, right? Naturally, I felt like doing a bit of research to see if Wix was a good solution for a small clothing company.  While I must say that Wix … [Read more...]

Launched: Daptone Records’ Super Soul Superstore Website

We are excited to announce the much anticipated redesign of the new Daptone Records Super Soul Super Store. The website completion comes just in time for the Charles Bradley pre-order of his new album "Victim of Love", which is officially released April 2. In addition to recording artist information, news and tour dates the Daptone Records website offers Digital Music Downloads, CD's, Vinyl LPs, T-shirts directly from Daptone. Website features: Custom Full featured e-commerce using opencart Mobile Responsive layout Highly customized Wordpress Theme Check out the Daptone … [Read more...]

iFrankenDock: The Frankenstein’s Monster Of Car iPhone Docks. A DIY love story.

Most of us havent touched a cassette tape since the 1990's, and personally I havent really even used CD's much for music in a very long time. For the past 8 or 9 years my music format of choice has been MP3. I really love listening to music in my car because it's the best place to crank it loud. Music makes driving (or sitting in traffic) a much more enjoyable (or tolerable) experience. But, I have longed for a reasonable way to enjoy music from my iPhone in the car. There are of course a wide array of products and devices that attempt to solve the problem, short of buying a new car stereo … [Read more...]

Mobile Websites with Sean Sloan at LeTip West Orange County

Discussion about the Mobile Websites & Mobile Marketing At LeTip Orange County Thursday Meetings, Sean Sloan, Director of Online Marketing for Open Interactive, recently presented a talk about the latest mobile computing technologies and marketing tools associated to small devices such as smart phones or tablets (Iphones, Ipads...). Read the article on LeTip West Orange County Web Site : Discussion about the Mobile Websites & Mobile Marketing … [Read more...]

Mobile Websites and Marketing: a quick look at the Mobile Ecosystem

The mobile web is the consumption of the Internet on a mobile device. It is a subset of mobile computing in general. Mobile websites are simplified version of the normal website designed to accommodate the needs of mobile device users who are hampered by smaller screens with lower resolution, a lack of a mouse and a reliance on touch screen navigation. Mobile Marketing is the effort to advertise to the users of mobile computing devices using a mixture of new and old technologies to engage them: mobile website, instream advertising while they consume media, text message marketing, QR codes, … [Read more...]

Mobile app days are numbered.

As the commercial says, there's an app for that. But, the app gold rush days are numbered. Amidst all the Apple, Android and Blackberry apps, mobile development is starting to look back to its roots. Web-based applications are becoming more popular for a variety of reasons. Most importantly, Portability, Market Size, Ease of upgrading application and the elimination of Revenue sharing. Market Size –Device specific applications are limited to the current users of the device platform, whereas mobile web applications will work on any phone. We can develop one application that works on all … [Read more...]

3 Tips to Speed up your iPhone 3G (iOS4)

While I am a gadget guy through and through, I am a late-early adopter of technology because i want all of the problems to be tested and worked out by others before I spend a lot of money. So promptly as the iPhone 3GS came out, i made the iPhone jump. Apple had just dropped the price of the older, but still plenty amazing, iPhone 3G to $99. But as the story goes, each OS upgrade tends to use more and more resources to take advantage of the latest hardware power for newer devices leaving aging devices struggling to keep up. As many iPhone 3G owners are realizing, the latest version of IOS … [Read more...]

Mobile Web Geolocation in the Browser

w3C Geolocation API gives Mobile websites the ability to take advantage of GPS location for web applications. Tons of services are offering web sites and web apps with location awareness. Andrew Markham explains the API with code and demonstrates an integration with the Google Maps API. Find out where it’s at by reading “Geolocation in the Browser” at BuildMobile. Desktop browsers can simply use IP Geolocation, but GPS Geolocation available to most mobile devices more accurate.The basic and advanced properties of thenavigator.geolocation object and how to make best use of it are explained … [Read more...]

What’s a QR code?

Have you seen these wacky looking black and white squares on signs, stickers, billboards or magazine ads? They’re called QR codes  (Quick Response), and they are a great way to link humans in the real world to your information online. What is a QR code? A QR Code is basically a fancy barcode, which has encoded in it a URL (web address), text, or other information. It can be read by a QR code scanner, on smartphones, ipads etc. What’s the point? QR codes link the real world to online information, or make it quick and easy for people to access information without typing in a URL, phone … [Read more...]