3 Tips to Speed up your iPhone 3G (iOS4)

While I am a gadget guy through and through, I am a late-early adopter of technology because i want all of the problems to be tested and worked out by others before I spend a lot of money.

So promptly as the iPhone 3GS came out, i made the iPhone jump. Apple had just dropped the price of the older, but still plenty amazing, iPhone 3G to $99.

But as the story goes, each OS upgrade tends to use more and more resources to take advantage of the latest hardware power for newer devices leaving aging devices struggling to keep up.

As many iPhone 3G owners are realizing, the latest version of IOS has rendered our 3G iPhones slow, almost unusable at times. With a new release of the iPhone just around the corner, Its worthwhile waiting before upgrading phones to the iPhone 4 (unless jumping to android makes more sense to you). In the meantime, here are 3 tips to help your iPhone 3G Running IOS stay in the game just a little while longer from TheNextweb.com Blog

1) Disable spotlight search. I already had this disabled, so for me this didn’t really help much. but hopefully for those of you who use spotlight, this setting will be of some use…

2) Do a Hard reset (twice). OK i did this 3 times just for superstitious good measure, but this always seems to help when things start to slow down. Which makes sense to me, because iPhones are basically little pocket computers, and as computers need to be rebooted occasionally… i would imagine the same holds true for your pocket computer.

4) Restore Factory Settings in Itunes – but make sure to sync and backup your phone first, so you don’t lose any data or apps you’ve purchased through your phone.

Check out thenextweb.com article for more detailed instructions for each of these steps.