Google+ Has a New Interface…

Wow, is all I have to say… you turn around and things have changed again! Improved even. People who write off Google+ still seem to be using it on a daily basis, (see Michael Gray on that one).

  1. New Tool Bar to the left: to me this is much more useful and logical than Facebook has ever been. Much of Facebook is still inscrutable.
  2. Quick sort your stream using Circle buttons at the top: I find this one instantly appealing and a big improvement over the disorganized stream on Facebook.
  3. Hangouts now prominently displayed on the right: I’m excited to try these, actually, for company meetings since we are not all in the same state.
  4. “You May Know” suggestions: I wish these would expand and that they could be trained to suggest via keywords.
  5. “You Might Like” suggestions
  6. NO advertisements (yet?)

I have to say that when I first started using Google+ a lot of things were very unintuitive. The picture is definitely getting much clearer now and I am finding the usability to be quite encouraging.

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