Small Business Video Production Packages

Video content is a great way to communicate your unique value to your prospective clients in a clear and concise way. Some people are more visually oriented and flat refuse to read written content no matter how well written. By showing you and your staff, real people, video helps you and your company make an all important human connection with prospective new clients. Also, some people learn visually making video a great teaching aide. The web is becoming more video-centric all the time. YouTube is the 2nd most popular search engine after Google. One of our clients has a world-wide audience … [Read more...]

Google+ Has a New Interface…

Wow, is all I have to say... you turn around and things have changed again! Improved even. People who write off Google+ still seem to be using it on a daily basis, (see Michael Gray on that one). New Tool Bar to the left: to me this is much more useful and logical than Facebook has ever been. Much of Facebook is still inscrutable. Quick sort your stream using Circle buttons at the top: I find this one instantly appealing and a big improvement over the disorganized stream on Facebook. Hangouts now prominently displayed on the right: I'm excited to try these, actually, for company meetings … [Read more...]