I like shiny, blinky things… in the dark!

Anyone who knows me well also knows that I am a huge fan of lights that react to music. First popularized in the 1970’s they are better known as “light organs” or “color organs”. I have, with the help of my good friend Brian, actually built a set of these lights called the Rainbow Machine. I have also done a great deal of live video projection/video mixing using an old Sony FX-E100 video mixer, DVD players, VHS players and live cameras all mixed together into one psychedelic projection.

Which brings me to something I discovered on Google+ last night: a 3-sided movie screen that physically moves, changing shape according to a pre-determined set of move and is then, in turn, projected on to. It’s perhaps easier to see for yourself than for me to explain it clearly so I’ve embedded a video below.

2012 Yeosu EXPO HYUNDAI MOTOR GROUP – Hyper-Matrix from yangsookyun on Vimeo.

Now I think this is cool but I have to admit that even I get bored part way through this video. Maybe its because that its a commercial for Hyundai or maybe its just that the content is a bit cliched in terms of the obvious use of CGI. That having been said, I hope you enjoy it enough to share any other shiny, blinky things that you run across, in the dark.