Keeping Your WordPress Site Secure

We have been hearing a lot of late about wordpress websites and blogs being hacked. Hacking has been increasing at a rapid rate over the few years, with 170,000 sites hit in 2012 alone. Over 64 million websites use WordPress as the content management system for their sites. This gives plenty of targets for malicious attackers and hackers to prey on. Security in WordPress is taken very seriously, but as with any other system there are potential security issues that may arise if some basic security precautions aren't taken. Whether you are a customer of ours or not, we strongly recommended … [Read more...]

Wix Website Builder – Is It Worth It?

Last week a friend of mine was asking for advice about setting up a website for her son's budding clothing company.  More specifically, she asked about a company called Wix - a DIY website builder.  Wix offers many different website templates with the ability to drag and drop pieces into place without the need to know how to code.  Much of this can be done for free or very little initial expense to get your site built.  Sounds like a great deal, right? Naturally, I felt like doing a bit of research to see if Wix was a good solution for a small clothing company.  While I must say that Wix … [Read more...]

Free Online Photo Editing Site

Thanks to Jon Garnier for sharing this new, free online photo editing tool, it works pretty darn well. It is Flash-based so it won't work on an iPad or an iPhone I don't believe but it would be great for desktops, laptops or Android-based phones and tablets. Take a few minutes, have some fun and don't forget the filters they have as well. Be careful when you download, be sure to not compress the file too much! … [Read more...]

DIY guitar amp footswitch for Epiphone Triggerman 60 (2 button)

I few months ago, I had been eying  a used Epiphone Triggerman 60 Guitar Amp at Morelock Music in downtown Knoxville. I had decided I had to get it, and had started planning to go pick it up. But before I could, my lovely and thoughtful girlfriend surprised me by bringing it home as a gift. You can't beat that! Unfortunately the original footswitch was not included with the amp. I had been searching the web for a replacement but I couldn't find much information about the amp's footswitch itself. I have very little experience with electronics, but the concept seemed simple enough, so I … [Read more...]

Career Day at Douglas MacArthur Middle School

Today is the second time I have participated in Career Day for the Santa Ana Unified School District. Last time it was a Villa Fundamental Middle School and this time it was at Douglas MacArthur Middle School. The first time I showed kids how they could code a super-basic web page using nothing more than a text editor for coding and a browser for checking their work. This time what I did was more adventurous: I installed Wordpress Multisite site and created 40 individual so that 4 classes with an average of 35+ students could log in, write a blog, add images and learn how to link to a web … [Read more...]

Sam Jinks Hyper-Realist Sculptor – Melbourne, Australia

Sam Jinks Born in 1973, Sam Jinks currently lives and works in Melbourne. His major solo exhibitions include Boutwell Draper Gallery in Sydney, West Space in Melbourne, Seventh Gallery in Melbourne and the Benalla Art Gallery in Victoria. He has also participated in numerous groups exhibitions. Sam’s work can be found in the collection of McClelland Gallery and Sculpture Park, Langwarrin along with numerous private collections in Australia. (source: Artistaday) Sam Jinks Web Site … [Read more...]

Middle Class Rut Website

Last month we launched a new website for the alternative rock band Middle Class Rut.   Our friends at Relentless Artist Management asked us for help when it came time to put together a modern, useful Content Management System based web site so that they can easily manage their band's web presence in an efficient way. The site is based on art from their latest album. If you're into bizarre music videos then check out their latest called "Aunt Betty", its a doozy. … [Read more...]

Launched: Daptone Records’ Super Soul Superstore Website

We are excited to announce the much anticipated redesign of the new Daptone Records Super Soul Super Store. The website completion comes just in time for the Charles Bradley pre-order of his new album "Victim of Love", which is officially released April 2. In addition to recording artist information, news and tour dates the Daptone Records website offers Digital Music Downloads, CD's, Vinyl LPs, T-shirts directly from Daptone. Website features: Custom Full featured e-commerce using opencart Mobile Responsive layout Highly customized Wordpress Theme Check out the Daptone … [Read more...]

Happy Holidays 2012

We just wanted to take a quick second to give people some context for who Krampus is. We are from German, Hungarian, French, Irish, English backgrounds and we all fear Krampus. Krampus is a beast-like creature from the folklore of Alpine countries thought to punish bad children during the Yule season, in contrast with Saint Nicholas, who rewards nice ones with gifts. Krampus is said to capture particularly naughty children in his sack and carry them away to his lair. Krampus is represented as a beast-like creature, generally demonic in appearance. The creature has roots in Germanic folklore. … [Read more...]

Holiday Playlist – A hipster holiday alternative

In case you are just plain tired of the barrage of traditional holiday music that is played everywhere this time of year, I thought it would be great to have a playlist of holiday music that doesn't suck. This list is a sampling of interesting covers of holiday classics, and some are just great songs with holiday or just winter themes by great punk, indie, alternative or just plain rock bands. … [Read more...]