Wix Website Builder – Is It Worth It?

Last week a friend of mine was asking for advice about setting up a website for her son's budding clothing company.  More specifically, she asked about a company called Wix - a DIY website builder.  Wix offers many different website templates with the ability to drag and drop pieces into place without the need to know how to code.  Much of this can be done for free or very little initial expense to get your site built.  Sounds like a great deal, right? Naturally, I felt like doing a bit of research to see if Wix was a good solution for a small clothing company.  While I must say that Wix … [Read more...]

Mobile Web Geolocation in the Browser

w3C Geolocation API gives Mobile websites the ability to take advantage of GPS location for web applications. Tons of services are offering web sites and web apps with location awareness. Andrew Markham explains the API with code and demonstrates an integration with the Google Maps API. Find out where it’s at by reading “Geolocation in the Browser” at BuildMobile. Desktop browsers can simply use IP Geolocation, but GPS Geolocation available to most mobile devices more accurate.The basic and advanced properties of thenavigator.geolocation object and how to make best use of it are explained … [Read more...]