Search Engine Optimization and Interactive Marketing

Everyone wants to be #1 in Google or Yahoo for their industry search terms, however getting there takes a great deal of expertise, initial planning as well as a sustainable plan for maintaining and improving their site’s placement in search engines.

The world of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) can be confusing and with good reason. There is a lot of erroneous information and well guarded secrets out there regarding SEO. To top it off, search engines themselves are constantly changing the way they index and rank websites in constant effort to deliver the most relevant content to their searchers.

SEO should be thought of as a serious ongoing marketing effort. An effort that includes planning, analysis, and commitment to develop and improve website placement.

Simply coding and configuring your website properly is only a small piece of the puzzle. The single most important factor in the optimization of your site is the actual textual content. Search engines, beyond the hidden tags, are looking for well written and original content.

Web based copy writing is a specialized skill. Your site must not only be appealing to your potential customers but also to the electronic spiders that are crawling your site for the numerous search engines. This can be a challenging balancing act, which is why most SEO’d websites are not very nice to look at. We believe we can achieve the best of both worlds, High End Design AND Search Engine Friendly Websites.

Our services are affordable and we use only search engine approved techniques and best business practices. Any unethical or “black hat” techniques, can be detrimental to your site, and could even get you banned or black listed from many search engines forever. Its important to do things the right way.

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