Everything is Marketing, Everything…

The mantra for 2012? Back to basics, do the fundamentals and do them exceedingly well in order to succeed.

If I may make the following suggestions:

  1. NO email should EVER go out without a short, to the point Subject line. Having no subject line is a way to get your email ignored/forgotten about/hard to find/marked as spam.
  2. You should improve your Reply To email identity by adding “- Your-Domain-Name.com” to the Your Name field in your email settings. This will give people a visual indicator of where you are from if for a minute they don’t recognize the name. It will end up reading “Business Owner – Your-Domain-Name.com”. It will also begin promoting your new site to all email recipients.
  3. You should upgrade your email Signature line as well to read “Business Owner, Your-Domain-Name.com, (XXX) 555-1212 ofc”. Each comma means a new line/return. You could even add a line that read something like “Orange County’s Best ??? Company” or “ABC, XYZ and 123 Our Specialty”, you get the idea.

Keep in mind that literally EVERYTHING you do is marketing from now on.