Web Site Design

Launched: Daptone Records’ Super Soul Superstore Website

We are excited to announce the much anticipated redesign of the new Daptone Records Super Soul Super Store. The website completion comes just in time for the Charles Bradley pre-order of his new album "Victim of Love", which is officially released April 2. In addition to recording artist information, news and tour dates the Daptone Records website offers Digital Music Downloads, CD's, Vinyl LPs, T-shirts directly from Daptone. Website features: Custom Full featured e-commerce using opencart Mobile Responsive layout Highly customized Wordpress Theme Check out the Daptone … [Read more...]

Develop in haste, repent at leisure…

Whoa, that has to be the single most concise, accurate statement regarding software AND web site development I have heard in a long time. Rushing is when mistakes are made, when mission critical technological details are overlooked. Now I understand the need for deadlines but often they are subjective in nature and don't reflect any true urgency. This should be one of the first determinations a company makes: when do we need the site live? Is it a looming trade show or product launch? Has collateral advertising material already been printed with hard dates on it? Develop in haste, repent at … [Read more...]

Mobile Websites and Marketing: a quick look at the Mobile Ecosystem

The mobile web is the consumption of the Internet on a mobile device. It is a subset of mobile computing in general. Mobile websites are simplified version of the normal website designed to accommodate the needs of mobile device users who are hampered by smaller screens with lower resolution, a lack of a mouse and a reliance on touch screen navigation. Mobile Marketing is the effort to advertise to the users of mobile computing devices using a mixture of new and old technologies to engage them: mobile website, instream advertising while they consume media, text message marketing, QR codes, … [Read more...]

Critical Components of Website Success

Abraham Maslow theorized that people have an inherent hierarchy of needs which must be met to fully develop. Just like the hierarchy of people's needs, a website has basic and fundamental needs too. No, the image to the left is not the latest get-rich quick pyramid scheme. The pyramid to the left, shows the fundamental important needs at the base of the pyramid. Each higher tier represents needs that cannot be realized until all needs below are satisfied. Level 1: Content & Keywords Content is king. It is what people AND search engines are looking for in a website. By developing … [Read more...]

Information Architecture in a nutshell.

What is information architecture? Before the look and feel of a website begins, the content of your website needs to be organized.  Information architecture is the process of organizing and mapping out the content of your website. This process is one of the most important steps in designing and building a website, Because this is how your users will find the information they are looking for. The process of information design or information architecture includes the development of special documents to illustrate the content organization called Site maps and wireframes. Site maps show the … [Read more...]