Shipping Options

Shipping options should never discourage a potential ongoing customer. Amazon learned this truth when they created Amazon Prime. By making shipping easy and reasonable, you build customer loyalty that leads to repeat business.

After helping so many companies form their E-Commerce business model, Open Interactive can help you choose the shipping options that make the most sense for your company.


The United States Postal Service has taken a leap into the future in recent years with excellent service and a variety of new and effective shipping options. Since USPS postmaster general Megan Brennan has been in office, she’s helped the agency evolve to reflect the changing mailing needs of American business.


One the world’s largest package delivery organization, UPS is a reliable and efficient option. UPS began in 1907 as a bicycle courier service. Today, it delivers too over two hundred nations and owns over five hundred aircraft, and who knows how many Brown trucks. It can work for your business.


Reach more than 220 countries and territories with the reliability and special handling that you expect from FedEx. Not only is there a shipping service to meet your unique needs, but we also offer a wide array of tools and resources to help you navigate the world of international shipping.

Pickup from your location

If it works for your business and enhances your local profile, offering a pickup from your location makes a lot of sense. Customers enjoying knowing there is a physical location behind the website that they can trust and access when needed.

Open Interactive can work with your company’s management team, learning what shipping options you have used in the past and advise what shipping options make the most sense for your company moving forward.

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