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Partner / Director of Online Marketing

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Sean Sloan

As CEO of Orange County-based design and marketing firm Open Interactive, Inc. Sean brings his passion for technology, video and creative solutions to his work helping businesses of all sizes increase their online visibility, brand strength and sales conversions.

Sean’s experience with advertising and marketing began early, designing and producing printed materials for his father’s office supply company, South Coast Stationers. Sean was instrumental in bringing the company into the modern computer age and extending the company’s offerings by bringing newspaper-style advertising circulars to office supply dealerships across the country.

Sean’s work as film production Art Director with legendary film producer Roger Corman at Concord-New Horizon Pictures brought such classics as “Humanoids from the Deep” and “Starquest II” to life.

Sean uses his expertise in online marketing and search engine optimization to help businesses increase website traffic, conversions, sales, and manage their online presence. Open Interactive has a proven track record developing company brands, online marketing strategies, and conversion optimization for increased sales.

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Sean’s Blog Posts:

Everything is Marketing, Everything…

The mantra for 2012? Back to basics, do the fundamentals and do them exceedingly well in order to succeed. If I may make the following suggestions: NO email should EVER go out without a short, to the point Subject line. Having no subject line is a way to get your email ignored/forgotten about/hard to find/marked as spam. You should improve your Reply To email identity by adding "-" to the Your Name field in your email settings. This will give people a visual indicator of where you are from if for a minute they don't recognize the name. It will end up reading "Business … [Read more...]

To Succeed: Become a Curator of Important Information to your Industry…

We are drowning in a tidal wave of data. The businesses that are REALLY making money off the Interweb are the ones (read Google) that provide relevance: they help you get to the truly useful information. Here are two gentlemen that know a thing or two about the web. They are making a huge, expensive bet that people need help sifting through all the noise. You can benefit from doing this for your site visitors yourself: become the place they visit and link back to by sharing truly useful bits of information with them via your site or monthly email digest. It can't always be about sales, you … [Read more...]

3 Tips to Speed up your iPhone 3G (iOS4)

While I am a gadget guy through and through, I am a late-early adopter of technology because i want all of the problems to be tested and worked out by others before I spend a lot of money. So promptly as the iPhone 3GS came out, i made the iPhone jump. Apple had just dropped the price of the older, but still plenty amazing, iPhone 3G to $99. But as the story goes, each OS upgrade tends to use more and more resources to take advantage of the latest hardware power for newer devices leaving aging devices struggling to keep up. As many iPhone 3G owners are realizing, the latest version of IOS … [Read more...]

Your Most Important New Hire: Your Web Site

This is not a statement we make glibly: it can be backed up by data. Analytics Your web site can and should act as a sales person for your business 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for the foreseeable future. Monthly Performance Reviews are the standard for these new employees. Market Your Business with Every Addition We know Search Engine Optimization so you don't have to. Keeping up with the latest developments in online marketing is a time consuming job: our job. Let us do what we do best so that you can concentrate on running your business. We will make sure that every addition we make to … [Read more...]

Google’s +1: their version of a Facebook Like

One thing about the web: no good idea goes un-copied. At least not for long. No sooner did the major search engines admit that they were including "social signals" in their ranking algorithm then did Google announce their own social signaling device the +1 button. In order to see it you have to be logged into Google and doing a search. Next to the search results you will see a small +1 button in a grayed out state. It appears between the keyword line of the search results and the little magnifying glass icon to preview the page, an idea the copied from Bing. You can rest assured that if … [Read more...]

The Strange Case of the Parasitic Web Guy

The story you are about to read is true. Only the names have been changed to protect the innocent and not so innocent. A client of mine was approached by the former web developer & Search Engine Optimization guy of their main competitor. My client was very up front with me and told me that they wanted to hear what the guy had to say and that they would tell me what transpired. This person met, they talked and my client called me to give me the gist of things. Apparently he and his former boss had had a falling out and had since parted ways. He now promised to do what he had done for … [Read more...]

Search Engine Optimization and Interactive Marketing

Everyone wants to be #1 in Google or Yahoo for their industry search terms, however getting there takes a great deal of expertise, initial planning as well as a sustainable plan for maintaining and improving their site's placement in search engines. The world of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) can be confusing and with good reason. There is a lot of erroneous information and well guarded secrets out there regarding SEO. To top it off, search engines themselves are constantly changing the way they index and rank websites in constant effort to deliver the most relevant content to their … [Read more...] Award ’07

Open Interactive earns award in the 2007 Website Design Award for is one of the world's leading directories of web designers, developers, graphic designers, etc. DesignFirms selects the first, second and third place winners based on the following criteria: Design Navigation Content Ease of Use Programming Overall Impact … [Read more...]