Product Photography

5D-Mk-IIIA picture is worth a thousand words? How about more like a thousand dollars? You know you need to put your best image forward so let us help.

We have staff photographers with decades of experience in fashion, automotive, product and facility photography. We have the equipment and the know how to get your photos done right the first time, every time. Contact us for a photography quote today.


Onsite Photo Shoot

We travel to you, anywhere in the U.S. We have worked from California to Florida and overseas as well.

Isolating Images from Background

We used the most advanced techniques of either masking or hand-drawing a custom clipping path with the pen tool in Photoshop, whichever is appropriate for your job.

Ship the Products to Us

We can shoot the items, send proof shots for approval and ship them back upon your sign off.


We use color correction in order to stay true to established company colors. De-skewing, sharpening, cropping, we do whatever it takes to help your photos shine.

You Own Your Images

At the end of the job you will be presented with a data DVD containing all photography done for you.

Onsite Photo Shoot

We can travel to you, anywhere in the U.S. for photography shoots. We have worked from California to Florida and overseas as well.

Staff, Facility, Equipment

We are experts in handling large group photos as well as taking individual photos of a large number of employees for use on your website or other promotional materials. Every photo taken will be useful for both print and web. We have experience lighting large-scale manufacturing equipment to show off your company’s capabilities to prospective customers.