Marketing Automation

Why stay within the limited ecosystem of traditional email marketing when new marketing automation tools can offer all of this?  Go beyond basic email features to create a world of personalized experiences for subscribers with Marketing Automation.

Marketing automation refers to the software that exists with the goal of automating marketing actions. Many marketing departments have to automate repetive tasks such as emails, social media, and other website actions.

The technology of marketing automation makes these tasks easier. 

In-depth Reporting

Understand exactly what’s driving campaign success or failure across audiences

Engagement Tracking

Timely react to interest signals to move prospects through the sales funnel faster.

Social Posting & Monitoring

Keep up in real-time with conversations and trends happening across social networks and actively engage with your audiences.


Leverage what you know about contacts to “automagically” nurture them with timely and personalized emails.

Landing Pages

Easily create professional and high ­converting landing pages to attract and capture new email subscribers.


Better understand who your contacts are based on their behaviors to send them more relevant emails.


Target subscribers with the right content at the right time based on customer type, geography, and activity.

Lead Scoring

Assign points for every marketing activity a prospect engages with to gauge their sales potential.

Marketing automation can help your business connect faster with both eyes and actions, maximizing results in less time without sacrificing the efficiency that you demand. Even a simple approach can be both powerful, and affordable. 

The options available include the following —

  1. Powerful email marketing that will allow your business to go beyond basic email features. The goal is to create a truly personalized experience for opt-in subscribers and clients.
  2. Landing pages that convert visitors into clients when the links in your email marketing campaign are used. Open Interactive will create professional and high ­converting landing pages to attract and convert new email subscribers.
  3. Workflow automation to set up an ongoing process that targets subscribers with the right content at the right time based on customer type, specific industry, geography, and past activity.
  4. Segmentation of your client and contact lists in order to take advantage of what you already know about your clients and contacts. The goal is to nurture different segments of that greater population with timely and personalized emails that speak specifically to their needs and interests.
  5. Engagement tracking to help your staff respond right away to interest signals and live bites. The goal is to move prospects through the sales funnel faster, converting them into clients or customers.
  6. Detailed reporting through the use of analytics and trends to understand the workings of both campaign success and campaign failure across audiences. We’ll figure out what works and what doesn’t, adapting to help ensure your success.

We have the proven track record you would expect from any vendor that would take on such a project. We respect the goals of your company, and we want to help ensure your online success. To learn more about how marketing automation can turn this promise into a profitable reality, please contact us today.

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