Google Analytics & Webmaster Tools

We connect every site we build with both Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools. These allow us to monitor the traffic to your site as well as the relative health of your site to see how many people are visiting and what they are looking at when they arrive.

Google_analyticsAs an advanced technology, Google Analytics can help us measure how your company’s online marketing and presence is working. It gathers vast amounts of data and can serve as an EKG for your website. You can get right to the core of what’s successful and what isn’t.

Google Analytics offers  a variety of information to help Open Interactive understand the performance issues of your website and to know what to do next.

This information includes the following —

  1.   How many visitors your site has at the moment
  2.   Who has visited your site recently, and how many of these are unique or repeat visitors
  3.   How often repeat visitors come back to your site
  4.   How visitors get to your site (e.g. referral, ads, direct, links or email)
  5.   Where your visitors are coming from (e.g. the U.S. or other countries)
  6.   Which pages on your site have been visited the most
  7.   What is the “bounce rate” (the number of visitors who leave without examining other pages)
  8.    The average time spent viewing your site
  9. What kind of browsers visitors are using

With this information and the more technical capabilities available, the technical team at Open Interactive can analyze the data from Google Analytics to help optimize your website. If you are not already using Google Analytics, you need to start today.

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