Powerful Sales Tools

Taking advantage of flexible sales tools and reporting can make your business more profitable. 


Using WooCommerce for your E-Commerce solution, you automatically gain access to the WooCommerce native sales reporting tools. There also are more advanced sales reporting extensions available from the WooCommerce Extensions that allow for completed transaction tracking, abandoned cart tracking and more.

The Basic Sales and Product Reporting Tools include —

  1. Sales by Date
  2. Sales by Product
  3. Sales by Category
  4. Coupons by Date
  5. Customers Vs Guests
  6. Stock & Inventory
  7. Export CSV

Your account manager at Open Interactive can help your company use these sales and tracking tools to optimize the performance of your E-Commerce website. If you need help and ongoing marketing help, Open Interactive offers in-depth marketing packages that include sales and product reporting services for your company.

Our goal when it comes to sales and product reporting is create a website that delivers profitable and productive reports for you and your company.

Discounts and Rewards

For example, coupons are a great way to offer discounts and rewards to your customers. The right coupon at the right time can help promote sales and boost customer satisfaction, leading to better word-of-mouth marketing.

Here are some of our favorite coupon options —

  1. Discount type :
    1. Cart discount – A fixed total discount for the entire cart.
    2. Cart % discount – A percentage discount for the entire cart.
    3. Product discount – A fixed total discount for selected products only.
    4. Product % discount – A percentage discount for selected products only.
  2. Coupon amount – Either a fixed value or percentage discount.
  3. Allow free shipping – Removes shipping cost when coupon is used

Flexible Pricing Options that can make sense for your company include —

  1. Limited time offers
  2. Bulk purchase discounts
  3. Customer loyalty programs

By analyzing your website and the specific industry, knowing what is being done by the competition and what is not being done, We can offer your company the best options when it comes to flexible sales tools and coupons.

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