Custom Website Design

Building a website from scratch is no easy task. You have to sketch, wireframe, design and code the site. A job like this takes more than one person and a lot of time. But using what is referred to as a theme or theme framework can save a lot of the time (and time is money). We design and develop websites with a custom look & feel that supports your brand and messaging while taking advantage of time saving wordpress and woocommerce theme frameworks.

What is a Website “Theme”?
You can think of a theme as a templating system, but are actually more of a toolbox full of time saving tools to apply design and functionality more efficiently. A theme can make your website more feature-rich, user-friendly and help convert site visitors into customers. By using a theme, we can more easily create a website that reflect the purpose and mission of your website while speeding up the process and working more efficiently (Saving you money).

How is a “theme” a custom design?

We aren’t trying to pull a fast one here. A theme serves as a framework for general website layout and functionality that we use as tools to build your site to the requirements of the design. While there can be inherent design and styles to the theme by default, we approach the design process with priority and focus on branding, “look & feel” and layout that serves the individual project first and foremost.

Will my website be mobile friendly?

Yes. Since over 50% of Google searches today are done on mobile devices, we make it a priority that the websites of our clients will be mobile friendly for smart phones and tablets. Since the Internet is now taken everywhere by your clients, your business will always come along for the ride as well.

Do I own my website and design?

Yes. Once you’ve paid for our work, we can send you a CD with all of the source files that we used to create your site. Since Open Interactive is working for you, we are creating a lasting website with a feel and unique design that will be entirely owned by your company.

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