Through Citation Building you can access the most likely clients and customers for your business. Why the most likely? Citation Building improves local search engine rankings so your website will be seen by the clients and customers closest to your actual location that are most likely to work with your business. This is downright invaluable.

What is Citation Building?

Citations are mentions of your business name and address on other web pages—even if there is no link to your website. An example of a citation might be an online directory, local chamber of commerce or business association website where your business is listed, but not linked to.

Citations are a key component of the ranking algorithms in Google and Bing. Businesses with a greater number of citations will probably rank higher than businesses with fewer citations.

Citations improve your local SEO rankings

Many people don’t realize that Citations are such a key factor in local search rankings. Across the board, SEO Experts agree that citations account for around 25% of all local ranking factors.

When it comes to SEO success, 25% is huge!

The key to Citation Building is NAP. NAP stands for Name, Address, and Phone Number. Listing your NAP is critical for businesses when it comes to local organic search results. Google take NAP data into account when determining which companies to show for geo-targeted searches.

Since geo-targeted searches (keywords combined with location like city or county) are becoming more and more common, Citation Building using real NAP information cannot be ignored.

Quick Turnaround and Ongoing Maintenance

You want your company’s website to rank higher in local searches, and we can help. To learn more about Citation Building, please contact us today.

We find the right citation sources the first time

Like with the rest of website building and optimization, precision is the key to Citation Building success. Open Interactive can help your company succeed by —

  1. Building the correct Citations that your company can trust while avoiding spurious citation that might actually hurt your business. As opposed to fishing in the gutter, we have an ocean of citation opportunities for any type of business.
  2. Respecting NAP consistency, we make sure to avoid duplicate listings. Duplicate entries can damage quality of your company’s citation profile, thus hurting your rankings. Open Interactive makes sure that this does not happen to you
  3. Information quality ensured by checking, then checking again to guarantee that your company’s information is entered carefully and accurately in the process of Citation Building.