John Lavitt

Director of Content Development

John Lavitt

John Lavitt

Whether growing up in New York City, attending Brown University in Providence, living on the Greek island of Patmos or working in Los Angeles, the one consistent force in John Lavitt’s life has been his passion for and commitment to writing. At Open Interactive, John is the Content Director, helping clients take their websites to the next level of optimized excellence and expressive clarity. With a balanced focus on both cutting edge search engine techniques and visitor conversion strategies, John’s work helps clients realize their online goals of obtaining quality contacts and expanding their businesses.

At Brown University, John graduated with honors and a 3.8 GPA with a major in Literature and Society. After college, John lived on the Greek island of Patmos and studied with the late American poet Robert Lax. Upon returning to the states, he moved to Los Angeles where he worked in the film industry. John was assistant to the director Uli Edel on the film Body of Evidence, and he later sold screenplays as a creative manager, starting the careers of many young writers and working with two future Academy Award winners.

In 2002, John shifted his focus to website technical writing and search engine optimization. He worked as the Director of Online Marketing for the 12 Angels, a nonprofit group, and was a grant writer for the alternative Los Angeles stage company, TheatrExpresso. At Melrose Jewelers, John’s content writing helped take the company to second on Google after Rolex itself for “Rolex watches” – a highly competitive search term. Later, John researched and wrote the website content for the Wonderland Treatment Center from scratch, developing the site map and managing the delivery of the site material.

At Open Interactive, John continues to work with clients, employing his writing skills to convey the central message of each company while improving their rankings and the conversion effectiveness of their websites. Among other clients, John has written the majority of the content on the websites for the Tax Resolution Institute, the drug & alcohol rehab One80Center, the human resources outsourcing firm Total HR Management and Ballard & Ballard Fine Jewelers. His skills include blogging, site map construction, MarketWire press releases, and Social Networking Media Optimization with Facebook Pages, Twitter recruitment, LinkedIn connections and Google+.

John’s Blog Posts:

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