Joe Schwab

Partner / Interactive Director

Joe Schwab

Joe Schwab

Joe’s early passion for art and music led him to study fine art at the Laguna College of Art & Design. With this background in art and design, he pursued work as a graphic designer. While working with website hosting companies and marketing firms in southern california, he gained invaluable technical knowledge and experience that would shape his career. Working within the challenging limitations of the early days of the web, Joe leveraged his problem solving skills to become the rare web developer who could bridge the gap between the disciplines of design and programming.

Over the past 15 years, Joe has excelled in various areas of interactive development, and as a result has worked with world-class agencies such as the Truth Agency, The Designory, Ignited Minds, Deutsch LA and TBWA/Chiat/Day.

Joe also serves as the Chief Technical Officer for Center for Innovative Public Health Research, a non-profit research firm at the forefront of public health research centered on technology. Joe has enjoyed international collaboration and travel while developing text message based smoking cessation programs in both Turkey and the US. Other noteworthy projects include an internet based game that educates Ugandan adolescents about HIV prevention and a CESD-R depression scale for the web and mobile devices.

With over a decade of technological expertise and creative experience, Joe continues to pursue challenging projects that incorporate emerging technologies and marketing techniques. This dedication is one of the greatest values Joe brings to the clients of Open Interactive.

Joe’s Blog Posts:

Business Owners Should Re-Evaluate Phone Directory Advertising

I haven't opened a phone book in over ten years and I am not the only one. At one time for small businesses, if you weren't in the yellow pages, nobody knew you were in business, unless of course they walked by your office or storefront. For decades, business owners have spent a lot of money to be included in the phone directories as a main avenue of advertising their services. What used to be the bare minimum advertising effort for local businesses, is now in great decline. This is not breaking news to anyone who has been in business for the past decade. Sally Witzky at Traction Group … [Read more...]

Mobile Web Geolocation in the Browser

w3C Geolocation API gives Mobile websites the ability to take advantage of GPS location for web applications. Tons of services are offering web sites and web apps with location awareness. Andrew Markham explains the API with code and demonstrates an integration with the Google Maps API. Find out where it’s at by reading “Geolocation in the Browser” at BuildMobile. Desktop browsers can simply use IP Geolocation, but GPS Geolocation available to most mobile devices more accurate.The basic and advanced properties of thenavigator.geolocation object and how to make best use of it are explained … [Read more...]

What’s a QR code?

Have you seen these wacky looking black and white squares on signs, stickers, billboards or magazine ads? They’re called QR codes  (Quick Response), and they are a great way to link humans in the real world to your information online. What is a QR code? A QR Code is basically a fancy barcode, which has encoded in it a URL (web address), text, or other information. It can be read by a QR code scanner, on smartphones, ipads etc. What’s the point? QR codes link the real world to online information, or make it quick and easy for people to access information without typing in a URL, phone … [Read more...]

Surprising Facts about Kids and Media

Technology focussed public health research group, ISK, put together this list of old wives tales about how kids use the internet, mobile phones and media in general. This article cites research based evidence dispelling some popular misconseptions and claims by news media. Think teens are as connected to the Internet on their phones as adults? Not really. 79% of teens do not go online with their cell phones. Instead, they use their phones to make calls and text. Checking email, shopping, and surfing the Web are not top on their list. What's more dangerous? Social Networking Sites or Instant … [Read more...]

SSP joins Open

We are pleased to announce Sean Sloan and SSP have joined forces with Joe Schwab and Open Interactive, Inc. While we have already worked together on many projects together. We felt that it was a great fit to officially partner together to bring our customers the best level of service. Sean Sloan brings with him a wealth of knowledge about online marketing strategy. He has had great success with many clients, helping them not only rank #1 for national level competitive keywords, but also to build successful strategies to convert visitors into customers. We are excited that Neal Burns is also … [Read more...]

Information Architecture in a nutshell.

What is information architecture? Before the look and feel of a website begins, the content of your website needs to be organized.  Information architecture is the process of organizing and mapping out the content of your website. This process is one of the most important steps in designing and building a website, Because this is how your users will find the information they are looking for. The process of information design or information architecture includes the development of special documents to illustrate the content organization called Site maps and wireframes. Site maps show the … [Read more...]